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PRESS RELEASE: EquiCross, Inc. has been named “Company of the Month” by Bay Cities Bank. Equicross, Inc. is a sister company and affiliate of Airus Media, Inc., airportONE.com, StanchionDepot.com, and TrafficSafetyDepot.com. EquiCross is a leading US provider of crowd and traffic control equipment.




EquiCross, Inc. is a member of the Airport One family of companies ... a group of companies under the same ownership committed to excellence, quality, and innovation. Member companies and associated websites include EquiCross, Inc, EquiCross.us, Airus Media, Inc., airportONE.com ... the airport store, StanchionDepot.com, TrafficSafetyDepot.com, Plastic-Chain.com, and CrowdControlStore.com.

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Plastic Posts and Stanchions - We offer a better alternative when it comes to plastic posts and stanchions. When it comes to quality and durability, our plastic stanchions are currently the finest offered. Our plastic stanchions are made from thick high quality plastic designed for durability, stability, and good looks. EquiCross plastic stanchions are high quality, light and easily portable. Empty, EquiCross stanchions weigh only about 3 pounds each and stand 38" high, have a thick 3" diameter at the stanchion top, and have a 14" wide base. They come with an attractive decorative top. Either 1.5 or 2" plastic stanchion chain can be run continuously though the chain slot beneath the decorative top, or hooked to "C" on the stanchion chain bar which is included. While inherently very stable, EquiCross stanchions can be filled with sand for additional stability on uneven surfaces or in extreme wind conditions. We guarantee that you will not find a higher quality plastic stanchion - and we guarantee you the lowest stanchion price. Applications include crowd control, traffic control displays, events, trade show displays, restaurants, parking lots, and many more! View our complete stanchion line.

Plastic Chain

EquiCross plastic chain is high quality non-load bearing chain* - more attractive and of a higher quality and thickness than other plastic chain. Available in 1",1.5", 2.0", or 3.0" in red, white, yellow, black, blue, green, orange, pink, and punch. Fits easily through EquiPro posts of appropriate size (not included). While EquiCross Plastic Chain is not for overhead lifting or weight bearing, it is made of high quality plastic and is very durable and attractive. Our simulated chrome chain looks just like the real thing. EquiCross tm plastic chain can be used in numerous applications including crowd control, landscaping, show and display arenas, convention, fair, airport, and other public guidance and traffic control systems. EquiCross plastic chain orders usually ship the same day.


If your looking for affordable but high quality dressage arenas or dressage rings - you can’t make a better choice than the EquiCross tm Dressage Pro or Dressage Master Dressage Arena. Great for dressage training, competitions, combined training - both Dressage Pro and Dressage Master Arenas are easy to set up and transport - and very attractive. Dressage Pro and Dressage Master Arena posts are made from an attractive solid bright white durable environment friendly lumber. Unlike many other dressage rings made of PVC or cheap plastic, that over time can splinter, fade, and brake, Dressage Pro and Dressage Master Arena posts are made from beautiful bright white quality recycled plastic which is attractive, maintenance free, and weather resistant ... and most important ... much safer and better for the environment than PVC Dressage Arenas. Moreover, they are backed by a full warranty and we guarantee your complete satisfaction - or your money back. Choose your model and then choose from FEI standard (60 Meter) or smaller sizes. See our dressage arenas.

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