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Long span plastic post

Plastic Posts & Stanchions

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Full Size (3" x 39") Deluxe HD Black Plastic Stanchions. Chain sold separately.

Package of 4 Full Size Deluxe Crowd Control Display Stanchions - complete with C-hook connectors. White or Black or Yellow- only $89.95.

retractable belt dual line plastic stanchion

Plastic Stanchions

Plastic stanchions for crowd control Plastic Stanchions Reflective safety posts
Reflective Stanchions
Simulated chrome plastic crowd control
Simulated Chrome Stanchions
Retractable belt stanchions and wall mountRetractable Belt Stanchions classic crowd control posts with velour stanchion ropeClassic Stanchions
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Plastic Stanchion Colors

Plastic Stanchions - "Best in Class" high quality plastic stanchions.  Very durable and stable. Stantions weigh 3 lbs each - can be filled with sand for extra weight: however, these heavy duty stanchions are very stable on there own! Very attractive. Chain hooks to stanchion c-hook connectors or can be run continuously through slot beneath decorative top.  Use with either 1.5 6mm or 2.0" 8mm plastic chain.  Great for portable display and crowd control applications. Will not rust or rot.

white plastic post

Plastic Posts - All colors and sizes available. We offer a full line of high quality solid recycled plastic posts and stanchions. Great for crowd control, displays, arenas, golf courses, airports, hazard marking, portable fencing, landscaping, plastic post and chain fence ... and many other uses.  Our recycled plastic posts are made from everlasting lumber and will not rot or rust, or fade.

Garden Fences, Walkways, Driveway Fence, Crowd Control

plastic in-ground posts

EquiCross EquiPro Plastic Posts

Order by number of posts. Minimum of 25  posts per order.

12" high bright white EquiPro 2"x2"  posts 

18" high bright white EquiPro 2"x2"  posts

24" high bright white EquiPro 2"x2"  posts 

EquiMaster Posts

12" high bright white EquiPro 4"x4"  posts   

 18" high bright white EquiPro 4"x4"  posts   

24" high bright white EquiPro 4"x4"  posts     

Plastic Stanchions - Select type and order.

Beautiful plastic stanchions - great for crowd control and displays. Each post stands 38" high and can be used with either 1.5" or 2" plastic chain. Very stable - durable. Available in white, black or yellow or mixed colors

Best Price - Low Price Guarantee! We offer the best plastic stanchion available in its class -- at the lowest price!
EquiPro Quality Plastic Stanchions - a step above when it comes to quality display and crowd control on a budget. EquiPro plastic stanchions are very stable, durable, attractive ... and are truly the best plastic stanchion currently available. Sold in yellow, black, white, red stripe on white, or black stripe on yellow.


Quality Construction - Unlike other plastic stanchions, EquiPro Plastic Stanchions are made from thick, durable high quality plastic that will give years of service. Each stanchion is 39" high with a thick 3" wide post and 14" base.

Portable - but stable - While very stable, EquiPro Plastic Stanchions are light and very portable. If additional stability is required (such as in high wind conditions) sand can be easily added for additional weight.

Attractive - Most say that EquiPro Plastic Stanchions are the best looking plastic stanchion available .. in addition to a rich uniform color .. they have an elegant base and modern top - rather than just a "round ball" found on other cheap plastic stanchions.

Complete with C Hooks - EquiPro plastic stanchions give you the option of passing chain continuiosly through the slot beneath the decorative detachable top - or by simply hooking the chain to the removable "C Hook" bar included with each stanchion. Our stanchions are complete - all you need is the chain. Click here to view stanchion parts.

Stanchion Ordering - Available in Black, white, yellow, red stripe on white, or black stripe on yellow. Click here for complete catalog & secure ordering!

Retractable Belt Stanchions - We also offer a complete line of retractable belt stanchions - ranging from the heavy duty plastic utility stanchion shown to top-of-the line metal posts and stanchions.

Stanchion Definition: Stanchion

PRONUNCIATION: stnchn, -shn
NOUN: 1. An upright pole, post, or support. 2. A framework consisting of two or more vertical bars, used to secure cattle in a stall or at a feed trough.
TRANSITIVE VERB: Inflected forms: stan·chioned, stan·chion·ing, stan·chions
1. To equip with stanchions. 2. To confine (cattle) by means of stanchions.
ETYMOLOGY: Middle English stanchon, from Old French estanchon, probably from estance, act of standing upright, prop, from estans, present participle of ester, to stand, from Latin stre. See st- in Appendix I.



Warning: Plastic Chain, posts, and stanchions are not for overhead lifting or any weight bearing use.

* SHIPPING - Orders usually ship the same day if ordered by 4:00 PM est; and almost always within 24 hours. Large volume orders may take longer if shipped by common carrier rather than UPS Ground. Custom orders may take longer. Free shipping, when offered, applies to the lower US 48 continental states only.

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